Hey! Listen!*

Umm…. Yeah… Is anyone else gonna comment on that previous post? We only have one comment….. *Sad puppy dog eyes* Why u not comment?! Do-do you not like us?! Just kidding, I know you like us! But seriously, go comment. It won't hurt.
(We know you can take like 10 seconds to check it out for us, please?!)
*The hey, listen is from Legend of Zelda, any game, it's what the fairy says to get your attention, so she can give you a useless piece of information, lol.


Story time!

Hello people! It's me, Chickadee, with an idea! Have you ever played that one game, where you like sit in a circle, and someone taps you on the head and goes duck, duck, duck…….zzzzzzzzz………. Just kidding! But seriously, its a game where one person says a sentence, then the next person says a sentence, and it keeps going until someone says: THE END. I thought that maybe we could do that in the comments! I'll start, at the end of the post, and we will continue the story in the comments! (When it's done I will post it on here) Ready? Ok! Here is my sentence……
One upon a time….
(Classic, right?)