Whateves: January 2015


Our Story Continued...

     Hello girls. We said we would continue our story, and if you haven't read the other post here, do so now. Same thing as last time...

"Good. Now, first things first..." Coffee whispered into Cocoa's ear the plan, and reluctantly Cocoa followed her
"Coffee? Are you sure we should be doing this?? I mean, spying on Diaval is one thing, he's a bird, for pig's sake, but spying on Maleficent?!?!" Cocoa squeaked as the two guinea pigs waddled towards Maleficent's tall, especially from their height, tower.
"Ree-LAX Cocoa! For the love of spinach, don't be so nervous!" Coffee snapped.
"You can't blame me for having some misgivings, Coffee!" Cocoa defended.
Coffee moaned. "Just stop talking. Otherwise we'll get caught, and who knows what happens then?"
Cocoa squeaked-literally. "Let's not do this. Have Herb help you!" She insisted. Coffee tried to talk some sense into the younger guinea pig, but Cocoa had too much apprehension to do any good. "I'll go get him, if you want."
 Well, I guess I'm doing this by myself! Coffee mentally grumbled. But then, a light bulb came over her head, and she knew what she had to say to get Cocoa to come. 
"Oh Cocoa! I know where Maleficent hides the radish tops!" Coffee said in a sing-song voice. Radish tops were Cocoa's weakness. 
 Cocoa quickly spun back to look at Coffee. "What did you say?" Cocoa practically squealed.
"Raaadish toooopss!" Coffee said tauntingly. "Also, she has carrot peelings hidden somewhere."
"Let's go find them immediately! Do you have any idea how hungry I am? Ooh, radish tops sound so good right now! And CARROT PEELINGS!" Cocoa ranted on and on about how hungry she was and how good radish tops and carrot peelings were. But Coffee is too distracted for mundane things like that. She wanted some action. Some adventure. Some excitement. So off they went to the tower, thankfully without Herb.
Herb was lonely. He missed the girls. Especially Coffee. 
  Herb never told anyone his secret. He was afraid that we would be struck by lightning or something for loving a sow that was clearly not interested in him. All Coffee was interested in was finding the secret of Maleficent. Of course, Herb didn't want anybody to know his secret, but secretly (see what I did there ;)) he wished that Coffee would figure out that secret. Herb wanted her to know that he had loved her ever since they met.
Back to the present
As Cocoa continued to gab on and on about her favorite foods, it was getting quite annoying for Coffee to listen to. They suddenly smacked into Diaval!
"Hello there!" Coffee called, glad for the new company. "Wha'cha doin'?"
"Trying to escape from Maleficent. She's in one of her moods, where she casts a spell on anything that moves. That's why the table is having a lovely conversation with my supper." Diaval said absentmindedly.
"Um, okay...." Coffee had no idea how to reply. She looked to Cocoa, who was just staring at Coffee and looking confused, as she always did. (Cocoa wasn't the brightest guinea pig in all the land.)
"But that's nothing, I'm sure you sows are doing something much less exhilarating than running for your life away from your delicious dinner, as your evil psychotic mistress tries to kill you." Diaval said expectantly.
The two guinea pigs blinked at him. "Ummm..." they said in unison. "Uhh......"
 "Oh never mind. But Coffee, what are you doing?" Diaval asked.
 "Going...somewhere." Coffee replied mysteriously. "We were just leaving."
 Diaval's face fell. "Oh. Well then, I suppose I must be off searching for a more delicious dinner," he said as he spread out his black wings, and flew off.
 Coffee could taste the dirt that he stirred up and feel the particles biting her face and sticking to her whiskers. Cocoa coughed harshly. "Why does he always do that?" she muttered to the ground as she choked on it.
"No idea whatsoever." Coffee said, shaking her coat free from the dirt.
Cocoa looked up to Coffee, and asked,"What?"
Coffee rolled her eyes. "Honestly Cocoa!"
"Hey! I couldn't hear what you said!" Cocoa defended herself.
"Sure…." Coffee said sarcastically. "Come on. No more distractions, alright?"
Cocoa is silent and the guinea pigs walk off towards Maleficent's lair...

To be continued...

Oh. My. Gosh. We're. So. Sorry!

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