Whateves: August 2015


Our Q&A Post!

    Hello everyone! This is Trinity! So, we've really wanted to post, but we don't really know what to post about! We tried to make up our own questions and answer them, but...that just was weird. So, we've decided that YOU can ask us questions, and both of us will answer them! XD
    Just comment below any questions, even if they are completely random!!! We love random, don't we Chickadee? (lol) The questions could be anything from "What do you think is most important in life?" to "Do you prefer chili on your hot dog, or ketchup?"! Whateves! (that was my attempt at a pun) Heehee! Just give us some questions, PLEASE! I'm down on my knees, begging you to comment!!! *mysterious sobbing in the background*
     Okay, so that's pretty much it! Once we have enough questions, we'll get together and do our post! Until then, stay cool and random!