Whateves: September 2014


My Writing Contest!

 Hola girls! I just wanted to tell you that I am having a writing contest over at my personal blog, Lord's Girls. So click that link and it will be the first post at the top! :) Thanks for checking it out!

Guinea Pig Lover

P.S. My computer isn't working for some reason, so that is why I did not put my signature... :(


The Friends' Post

 Hey girls! This is Guinea Pig Lover. Today I am doing a post about friends. I have 5 quotes that I got off of Google Images that I want to show you.
I like this one. :) I feel as if some of my friends are supposed to be my sisters!

Okay, being a huge reader, this one is my favorite! <3 

Oh yes. This is so true! :)

So that is my friend post. I know, it is really short, but it's better than nothing, right??? Heehee!


Wazz up Wednesdays!

Hai! Wazz up?! So, this is a new thing that I will try to do weekly. We are basically gonna see how many people will type "Wazz up?" in the comments. Then, next Wednesday, I will do another post and say how many people commented "Wazz up"! We'll try to get, hmm….. Let's say 50 Wazz ups in a month. Let's do it!
Signing off,


Wazz up!

What's up guys? Just wanted to mention that there is a new page up on one of my other blogs, A Dash of Friendship. I can make chibi avatars! It's a cool thing that I can do, like GPL makes buttons and signatures. I can make one for anybody, so go check out ADOF, that's the sites nickname.  It's kinda like nobody checks it out, so I will try to post a lot more on all 3 of my blogs. That's right,  3. There's this one, ADOF, and, the blog that started it all, Yooper girl! Without Yoopergirl, GPL probably wouldn't have a blog! I'm kinda like a trendsetter! So anyways, that's basically what I wanted to say!
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Our New Signatures!

 Hey! Guinea Pig Lover here! I just wanted to show you both of our new signatures! BTW, I made them!!!!! So here is my new signature:
All I did was go to Google Images and type in 'Cute Chevron' to get the background. Then I went all the way over to Pic Monkey and clicked, 'Design'. I opened up the chevron and picked a fancy text. Then I just put my name on it. :) Pretty simple! 
 Here is Chickadee's:
Same thing as before, except I typed in 'Neon Paint Splatter' and found this! You see, Chickadee loves crafts, so I made something that goes with her personality. :) So yeah. 

If you want me to make you a signature or a button, then just comment! Here is what I need you to comment:

Button-Your blog name, what colors are your favorite, and your email address. (I will delete this comment as soon as I get it if you want.) I also want you to tell me if you want the design to be girly, pretty, or tom-boyish, and I want your #1 hobby that you do.
Signature-What colors are your favorite, your email, and your #1 hobby.

So comment!


My Obsession-Gum!

 Hey, this is Guinea Pig Lover! :) So what is your favorite part of our new design? Comment below!
 Anyway...I'm doing a review on GUM! Who doesn't love gum? Don't answer that. So here is a few of my favorite gum flavors:

  1. Extra Dessert Gum-Root Beer Float
    Who doesn't love root beer floats? And I swear that when you are sucking on the gum, you can taste the ice cream! 
  2. Extra Dessert Gum-Mint Chocolate Chip
    LOVE IT! Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is my 2nd favorite ice cream!(My 1st is Pistachio).
  3. Extra Dessert Gum-Cinnamon Roll
    Sorry for the horrible quality. :( I got the other two pictures from Google Images, but since I already had the Cinnamon Roll Pack, I wanted to take my own picture. Did you notice that I added a special effect to make the cinnamon roll 3D looking? Cool right? But on with the list!
  4. Extra Dessert Gum-Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake
    I have to admit, I wasn't a huge fan of this one. It was so darn sweet! It's like, when you pop it in, you think, "Woah." I also didn't really like the flavor. But who knows? Maybe you'll like it?
  5. Trident Gum-Mint Bliss
    I like this gum, because to me, it tastes exactly like the Extra Dessert's Mint Chocolate  Chip! I really like the Trident gum, because it's long-lasting flavors and also that it, 'Cleans and Protects Teeth'. I don't know if that is true or not, but I still like their brand. :)
  6. Trident Gum-Bubblegum
    The classic flavor of gum!
  7. Trident Gum-Green Apple and Golden Pineapple Layers
    Mmmmm! It looks so good! Now, I personally haven't tried this yet, but considering pineapple is my favorite fruit, I will probably LOVE IT!
So those are some gum for you to try! Like I said above, none of these pictures are mine except for the cinnamon roll packet. I got all of the other ones off of Google Images. And all of these gums are sold pretty much anywhere. Especially Wal-Mart. :) So try them out!