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Our New Blog Design!

 Hey guys! This is Guinea Pig Lover! Anybody notice our blog looking cooler? Oh yes, Eve is working on it! She's not done, yet. BUT IT'S AWESOME ALREADY! What? What did I hear you say? You want to order one yourselves? Well, why didn't you say so?! Eve has like, a gazillion blogs, but I'll give you all of her URLs! ;)

Her design blog(where you can order yourself): evesgardenofdesigns.blogspot.com

Her personal blog: eveofwomanhood.blogspot.com

Her book review blog?-I don't know what to call it: abookishblogger.blogspot.com

Her (I have no idea)trick blog?: rivetingraspberry.blogspot.com

Those are all of her blogs so far-I think. So check them out! She does AWESOME designs! She even does buttons and signatures! OH YEAH!!!

Guinea Pig Lover and Chickadee


Our Random Story

  Hullo! This is Chickadee & Guinea Pig Lover! We were bored, so we decided to do something really fun; we're going to make a story! First Chickadee will do a sentence, and then Guinea Pig Lover will. And we're going to keep doing that until we get a finished piece! Sound awesome?
 So here goes...

  Once upon a time, there was a guinea pig. That guinea pig was black with some caramel in her fur, and her name was Coffee. Coffee lived in a tower in the castle of Maleficent. She was a tame and calm guinea pig, but she was funny. Her best friend was the raven that Maleficent kept around, though he did try to eat her once and a while. She didn't really care though. Once, Maleficent brought her to see the little "beastie" Aurora. Aurora was adorable, sweet, and kind.
 Maleficent isn't very nice, cursing a baby for not being invited to a party! I don't get invited to human's parties, but do you see me cursing babies? NO!, Coffee thought. Coffee decided, if her mistress hated Aurora, who was six at the time, so much that she had cursed her, then something much worse must have happened to make her hate the little princess. It was a mystery to everyone. And Coffee was going to solve it, or her name wasn't Sherlock Coffee! (It wasn't, but we'll ignore that for now.)
 Coffee had two guinea pig friends. Their names were Cocoa, and Herb. Herb was a boy, Cocoa was a girl. Secretly, Herb had a crush on Coffee, but Coffee never knew it. All she knew was, she had to solve this mystery, by any means necessary. So she did just that…  First, she needed her Dr. Watson. Cocoa seemed like the best choice, with her dark brown fur with a white stripe down her belly, making her almost invisible for late night investigations. Herb was bright orange, so that wouldn't work well. She was black, and she thought that was a huge coincidence, like God knew that she was going to be a detective some day. So Coffee went to go see Cocoa, and tell her the plan.
 They met up by the tree outside of Maleficent's castle, the one that was split right down the middle. Some said that Maleficent's dark magic split it. That scared timid little Cocoa, who wasn't sure why she was on this mission in the first place. But she soon found out why she was there…
"Greetings Cocoa! Welcome to the first night of….. Our mission." Coffee said mysteriously.
"Coffee? Would you mind telling me why I am here? It's really spooky here."
"Tough up!" Coffee barked, teasing her. "We are here to discover the world…"
"What? The world??" Cocoa said with a shriek.
Coffee rolled her eyes, which was quite hard to do, being a guinea pig and all…
"No, not the world. Just Maleficent's secret."
"Ah! We're discovering a secret of Maleficent? That's even worse!!" Cocoa screamed as she cowered under a bush.
"SHHHHHHHH! Do you want to help me or not?! If you don't help me, I'll just get Herb." Coffee threatened.
"Okay. I'll help you." Cocoa whimpered.
"Good. Now, first things first..." Coffee whispered into Cocoa's ear the plan, and reluctantly Cocoa followed her...

To be continued...

Got it!

 Hello. We found the follower's button. :) Thanks for the help though. So now that we put it up, FOLLOW! No pressure. Heehee! You don't have to if you don't want to...

Guinea Pig Lover and Chickadee


Maleficent (A Review)

 Hey guys! G.P.L. is here to do a review! ABOUT MALEFICENT!!!!!!!!!!

Maleficent is my favorite movie, and I seriously doubt it'll EVER be replaced. I love it so much! Who here hasn't seen Maleficent? Well, this post is for you! 
 I am absolutely obsessed with Maleficent! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! But not as much as God, mind you. I really, really, really, really, REALLY want a poster-but my mom said it would make my younger sisters have nightmares. :( You crushed me. But whatever...NO! I CAN NOT FORGET IT! Whew. Calm down, calm down. I know, I'm weird. 
 Anyway...you know what Maleficent is about. Everyone does! I'm just here talking about it. My review:

Romance: one kiss. 
Action: Quite a bit, which is what makes it awesome! That is the main reason it is PG.
Scary Images: Not really scary. Unless you are afraid of dragons. 
Language: None. Only mild name-calling, such as 'beastie' or 'ugly'.

I give it.....................................................................1000000000000 stars! LOL! Fine, I'll be serious. But you already know how many stars I give it. A complete 5. Wooh! 
 Thanks for reading my review(if you have made it this far) and come again!

Guinea Pig Lover

Need Help Here

 Hey guys! Guinea Pig Lover here. So I want all of you guys to follow and stuff, but when I tried to find the followers thing, I couldn't find it. All I got was the stupid "Add Me To Circle" thing. And I don't want that! Can anyone tell me what the follower thing is called so I can search for it? Comment below!

Guinea Pig Lover


Hi guys! This is the new blog! And stuff! And, I really have nothing to say right now. Well, I am eating a muffin and trying to write an interesting blog post. This muffin is delicious. It's Lemon Poppy-seed. My favorite. LOL, why am I writing about a muffin??? Anyways, on the less breakfast-y term, I might be doing a lot more blog posts today, cause its really gloomy out. :( My muffin has holes in it. It looks like Swiss cheese. I don't even like cheese! But I like pizza. Pizza has cheese. Look at me, I'm just blabbering about nothing, aren't I? Well, If you're bored of me talking about food,

Hey Everyone!

 Hi! This is Guinea Pig Lover. Chickadee's busy right now, so I'll be doing this post by myself.
 We're going to be posting all sorts of stuff, so that's why this blog is called Whateves. We'll be posting whatever. I'm going to probably do some reviews and such, and Chickadee is going to be posting doll stories-as in AG dolls. We are both Christians and love Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. If you go to the page called, "Our Personal Blogs" you can see, well, our personal blogs! We really hope you like to read this blog, and that you tell other people about it! Thanks for reading... Bye!

Guinea Pig Lover and Chickadee