Whateves: Oh. My. Gosh. We're. So. Sorry!


Oh. My. Gosh. We're. So. Sorry!

      Oh my gosh, guys! We are SOOOOOO sorry for not posting since November! We just never know what to do! And since we don't know what to post, here is a survey that will help us out IMMENSELY! :

Thank you so much!


  1. I did the survey! You girls should check out Brooklyn and Bailey! They do fashion videos, DIY, a lot of fun things! I think it'll help you have some ideas for posting!

    1. Yeah, I am already subscribed to Brooklyn and Bailey. Hmmm...maybe we should do post like their videos...THANKS SO MUCH FOR DOING THE SURVEY! I speak for both of us.:)
      -Guinea Pig Lover and Chickadee <3


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