Whateves: Hiya!



Hey ya'll! Chickadee here! I noticed that we have not been posting on here as of recently…. So… I apologize for that, and um…….. Yeah….. I got nothin. I could just ramble…I guess… Do you guys/gals like my randomness posts on here? Where I just ramble on and onnnn………… I guess I'll just keep talking then… Uhhh… Hey! Do you people like Ninja Turtles? Me and my younger brother are OBSESSED with it!! Haha…. Who's your favorite turtle? If you watch the show. How about Big Hero 6? You seen that? Um….. I seriously am running out of things to talk about type here. Help me out? Tell us in the comments what you would like to see us post! Until next time,


  1. Cute blog! :)

    I am having a summer photo contest on my blog! I would love if you could check it out! here is the link:

    -Elly <3

  2. Sounds like fun! We'll check it out!
    Chickadee XP


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