Whateves: The Awesome Food Award! (Chickadee style)


The Awesome Food Award! (Chickadee style)

As you probably know, I was nominated for this award by G.P.L…. About 55 minutes ago… Anywho, MOVING ON! 
The rules:

-Thank the person who nominated you
-Answer the 10 questions provided
-Come up with 10 more questions that relate to food
-Nominate 10 people *PLEASE TRY TO NOMINATE AT LEAST ONE PERSON* (Disclaimer: I will try to nominate peeps, Lords grills is the only blog I read so…)

G.P.L.'s questions!

  • Cake or ice-cream? Ice cream cake!
  • What is your favorite dessert? Hrmm.. Tricky…. Apple pie is good, but so are brownies… Let's just go with blue chocolate chip cookies. (Heads up if you understood that reference!)
  • What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Wendy's is pretty good, I like their chili.
  • If you could only eat the same meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Either my grandma's chili, or my mom's crescent chicken. THEY ARE BOTH SOO GOOD I CANT DECIDE!!
  • Chocolate or vanilla? I love C. I love C-H. I love C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E!
  • What is your favorite pop(or soda)? Root beer! Or Sierra mist.
  • Do you like gum? If so, what is your favorite flavor? Ohmigosh, GUM! I LOVE Orbit Bubblemint, it's really yummy.
  • Apple pie or pumpkin pie? Apple pie all the way!
  • Do you like mashed potatoes plain or with gravy? Both. Both is good.
  • What is your favorite Mexican food? My mom's Beef and Bean burritos! SO GOOD. 
  • Okay! My turn!
    1. What is your favorite movie snack? (Your fav thing to eat during movies)
    2. Favorite chocolate treat?
    3. Worlds best…?
    4. What is your favorite home cooked meal?
    5. What is your favorite restaurant?
    6. And what is your favorite thing to eat there?
    7. Apples or Oranges?
    8. If you were stranded on an island, what two foods and drink would you bring?
    9. What is your favorite meal? (e.g., Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper…. Well, if you're a hobbit, then that's your schedule.
    10. Favorite cereal?
    Alrighty then! Nominees…. Ummm…
    ….That's it. I know no one. (I am so ashamed.) So I guess I'll just leave it up to the commenters! The first 9 commenters, excluding G.P.L. and myself, get to be tagged for this award! Nothing else to say here, so I'll stop the already longish post. Buh-bai!


    1. Even though Trinity nominated me! I'll do this! If that's okay!?

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