Whateves: Our New Signatures!


Our New Signatures!

 Hey! Guinea Pig Lover here! I just wanted to show you both of our new signatures! BTW, I made them!!!!! So here is my new signature:
All I did was go to Google Images and type in 'Cute Chevron' to get the background. Then I went all the way over to Pic Monkey and clicked, 'Design'. I opened up the chevron and picked a fancy text. Then I just put my name on it. :) Pretty simple! 
 Here is Chickadee's:
Same thing as before, except I typed in 'Neon Paint Splatter' and found this! You see, Chickadee loves crafts, so I made something that goes with her personality. :) So yeah. 

If you want me to make you a signature or a button, then just comment! Here is what I need you to comment:

Button-Your blog name, what colors are your favorite, and your email address. (I will delete this comment as soon as I get it if you want.) I also want you to tell me if you want the design to be girly, pretty, or tom-boyish, and I want your #1 hobby that you do.
Signature-What colors are your favorite, your email, and your #1 hobby.

So comment!


Hey girls! Rules for commenting:

1.) Obviously no swearing or speaking rudely.
2.) Be nice when you comment.

If you do not follow these rules, your comments will be removed.