Whateves: Hey Everyone!


Hey Everyone!

 Hi! This is Guinea Pig Lover. Chickadee's busy right now, so I'll be doing this post by myself.
 We're going to be posting all sorts of stuff, so that's why this blog is called Whateves. We'll be posting whatever. I'm going to probably do some reviews and such, and Chickadee is going to be posting doll stories-as in AG dolls. We are both Christians and love Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. If you go to the page called, "Our Personal Blogs" you can see, well, our personal blogs! We really hope you like to read this blog, and that you tell other people about it! Thanks for reading... Bye!

Guinea Pig Lover and Chickadee


  1. I like it! :) Are you going to get a design for it?


    1. Thanks! :) Yup. We ordered 1 from Eve. Can't wait to see it! XD

      -Chickadee + Guinea Pig Lover


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